Goals for 2014 + I hate winter

Since Katie shared her goals the other day, I thought I’d share mine. Like my sister, I actually love making resolutions! I actually make them all the time, not just at the new year!

Here are my big hitters for 2014!


1. Eat more vegetables! Sometimes I look back at the week and notice the only vegetable I’ve really eaten is potatoes! That’s a problem. So I’m going to try and make a concentrated effort to include more vegetables in our meals including ones we haven’t tried or “think” we don’t like. My husband is super excited about this! (or not! haha)

2. Cook one new recipe a week. Since becoming a stay at home mom I cook so much more than I use to. But coming up with three meals a day gets exhausting and I’ve found myself in a serious rut lately. Time to mix things up!

3. Exercise regularly. I actually love to exercise and feel so much better mentally when I do. I need to do this. It’s just dumb not to utilize the cheapest anti-depressant available especially when I enjoy it! Now just to find some time! (sigh)


4. Can something. Two years ago I asked for and received a home canning kit for Christmas and it has sat untouched since. Seriously have not canned even one thing. In two years! Funny story: I was actually pregnant when I asked for it. I had this *brilliant* idea that I would start canning food, because you know, after I was a stay at home mom I was going to have sooooo much spare time! Ha! What a dummy I was.

Henry and I were supposed to be at our first day of kindermusik today, but Henry caught his one millionth cold this winter and is feeling crummy and running a low grade fever today, so we had to miss our very first day. Such a bummer! So instead we are making a blanket fort and cuddling on the couch watching Winnie the Pooh. Seriously, I am so over winter! I’ve pretty much always hated it, but this one has felt especially long with a sick toddler with cabin fever velcroed to me. I’m a spring and summer person all the way! You will never read a post from me extolling the virtues of pumpkin spice anything. I’d rather wear shorts and eat a snow cone!

Here’s to warmer weather!


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One Response to Goals for 2014 + I hate winter

  1. liliandruve says:

    Lovely fruits and vegetables!!!

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