Living The Good Life

I hope you have been able to enjoy some warmer weather this weekend. It has been beautiful here the last few days so the kids and I have been taking advantage of it before it goes away again.  I thought I would share a little of our adventures we have had over the long weekend. It is times like these that I love where we live the most!

We have a lot of pecan trees at our house that have FINALLY started to drop their pecans. I managed to bribe the babes into helping me pick up some on Saturday by telling them it was like a treasure hunt and the team with the most treasure wins! (They didn’t mind that the other team was imaginary!)

My big man also learned how to climb a tree, and I must say he is getting pretty good!


Our neighbor has a pecan cracker so we took our harvest to his house on Sunday. Daniel and Maci had a great time playing with our neighbors on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. There were lots of buildings to explore and hills to roll down! We have wonderful neighbors, and it was great to spend a lazy Sunday with them.

blog2 blog3 blog4

The highlight of my weekend, and I hope theirs as well, was today. There are some hills by our house that were once used as a hide out for outlaws such as Belle Starr and The Dalton Gang. They are absolutely beautiful to look at, and the kids and I have wanted to explore them since we first saw them. Today, we got our chance!

It was a beautiful sunny day- about 60 degrees outside, which I consider perfecting hiking conditions! We climbed up and around the hills for about 2 ½ hours which I think is pretty impressive for a six and a four year old! We didn’t find any forgotten treasures of days past, but we did find some old cow bones and what we are pretty sure is coyote and deer droppings! It was lots of fun pretending to be outlaws hiding from the law in the tree groves and to call the views from the top breathtaking would not do them justice.  My little explorers and I hope to go back again to explore the parts we missed!
Tough enough to make it to the top!

blog7 Hidden treasures!

blog11  Gotta love pretending to be an outlaw!


blog9   Little explorers!


Every explorer needs a rest now and then!

blog6 I’ll take this view any day!




I love doing outdoor activities with these two crazies. Sometimes I wish I could freeze these days and keep it like this forever. I know it will not be long before they won’t think it is so much fun to spend a day outdoors with mom. But since I can’t, I will make them the best days I can and hope that they will carry them in their memories, and who knows, maybe one day repeat them with their own children! 🙂

Did you take advantage of the nicer weather this weekend? I would love to hear what fun things you found to do!

Happy Trails!


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