Friday Confessions

1. I confess that my maternity clothes are busting at the seams, but I’m too stubborn at this point (35 weeks! ) to purchase anything else. As a result I am rotating the same three dresses, a maxi skirt and a super fashionable array of my husbands t shirts and stretchy pants.

2. I confess that I fulfilled my pregnancy craving for caramel apples by blowing threw an entire tub of caramel apple dip and a bag of honey crisps all by myself. In about 3 days. I’m totally going to plead the fifth about any excessive weight gain at my next checkup.

3. I confess that I am slightly worried about how Henry’s transition to big brother is going to go in a month! eeek! When we ask him about it he insists that he doesn’t want to be a big brother, he wants to be a “smoke tree.” And that he doesn’t want a baby sister, he wants “a ferrari.”  Umm…yeah.

4. I confess that I am trying to talk myself out of shelling out the $50 bucks (!!) for the pottery barn version of a firefighter costume and just get the $20 job from Spirit Halloween. I know it won’t matter to H, but  Ugh, why does the PBK one have to be sooo cute!

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