Beauty Tuesday – The 5 minute Mom face

I used to be the type of girl who took a long time to get ready in the morning. Long, hot shower, blown out hair and a full face of makeup that I took my sweet time applying. What can I say, I’m a girly girl and I’ve just always loved that kind of stuff. But that was before I became a mom. Most days I barely have time for a 5 minute shower let alone the hour plus I used to spend on my morning beauty routine. Since I stay home with my kids it can be really easy to get into the habit of not doing anything in this area at all. I mean, my kids certainly don’t care if I have on mascara or not. Still, I find that there is a definite difference in how I feel when I take a few minutes to put on a few things versus when I don’t. It makes me feel better when I glance in the mirror and lifts my spirits a bit. So I have pared down my morning makeup routine to what I like to refer to as my “Mom Beauty.” Just enough to look and feel pulled together.


1. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser for Dark Circles

I absolutely love this product because it is so quick and easy to apply. It has a soft applicator built in, so all I have to do is a quick swipe under each eye and then pat it in with my finger and I’m good to go. I also like to use it around the base of my nose and on any red spots.

2. Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base

This is a pressed mineral powder foundation. Again, one of the things I love about this product is it is so quick to put on. I use a kabuki brush to apply it and just swipe it on all over my face. The coverage is really good and buildable, but feels light on the skin. It also has an spf 20 so it’s multitasking there. So instead of applying liquid foundation, powder and a seperate spf, I just use this. Win! This one is pricey I know. But I have yet to find a cheaper alternative that I like better and I’d rather spend the money something I love and use it til it’s gone than have a dozen half used bottles of stuff that was just “meh” sitting under my bathroom sink.

3. Blush

I have several that I use, but my all time favorite is Nars blush in the shade, Luster. I read a blog by Lauren Conrad’s makeup artist and she said that this was one of her top beauty products to use because it makes the skin look warm and glowy. So I bought in hook line and sinker and girlfriend knew what she was talking about! It’s described as a sheer golden apricot and I think it would really look good on so many skin tones. Again, I know this is a bit pricey for blush, but it lasts forever!

4. Eyeshadow as eyeliner – Everyday Minerals

Next, I use a slanted eyeliner brush to apply a dark charcoal eyeshadow to the base of my top lashes. If I’m really in a rush, I skip this step, but I was not blessed with thick lush eyelashes and this really makes a difference in how they look, so I like to do it if I can. I use a dark charcoal shade from everyday minerals, but any dark brown to black eyeshadow would work.

5. Curl lashes and apply mascara – CoverGirl LashBlast Volume

Next I curl my lashes with my elf eyelash curler (It only costs $1!!!) and apply CoverGirl LashBlast Volume mascara. I have tried so many mascaras over the years, but I just keep coming back to this one, because it really adds volume and length to my lashes and even the non waterproof version is great at not smudging. I love it! I also brush through my eyebrows here.

6. Tinted Lip Balm

I have few requirements when it comes to lip products. A little color, a little shine and no heavy or dry feeling. Bonus if it’s moisturizing at the same time. Right now I’m obsessed with this Nivea Kiss of Cherry lip balm. Just the right amount of color and feels great. I would be remiss not to mention an all time favorite of both mine and Katie’s – Lip Smacker’s Dr Pepper lip balm! Been using this since high school and it’s still awesome. 😉

And there you have it, the five minute mom face!

What are your morning must haves?



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