Where I’m at right now

If you thought this was going to be a post about my latest vacation to the carribbean, I’m afraid you might be disappointed. It’s actually just going to be me rambling about what’s going on around here lately.

First off, I hit a deer last week. Or it might be more accurate to say that the deer hit me. I didn’t see it in time to even hit the brakes! Just all of a sudden saw the deer slam into the front of my car and that was that. Fortunately, we weren’t going very fast since we were in the middle of town, so we weren’t hurt. Honestly the kids didn’t even know anything had happened until the policeman showed up. So it is mostly an inconvenience since now we have to deal with insurance companies and body shops. Woohoo! (insert sarcasm font here)

In other car related news, my darling sweet Hannah utterly hates riding in the car. I mean hates. Like arches her back and cries when I try to put her in her seat. It’s brutal. This is a new one on me, because Henry looooved riding in the car and it was always good for a nap if needed. Having a little one that screams the whole time is unbearable. We’ve basically been on a travel ban because of it. Unless Kerry and I are both going in which case, I sit in the back with the kids and pull tricks out of my hat the entire time to keep her pacified.


After much research (read: googling) we decided to go ahead and upgrade her to a convertible car seat instead of her infant seat to see if that would help. We went with this one from Chicco:


Chicco NextFit CX in Jasper



It’s supposed to be here tomorrow and I am soooo excited to see if it works! Fingers crossed!! We’ve got places to go this summer darn it! 😉

Like this place:



Blueberry picking heaven. Katie and I went last year with our mom and the kiddos and it was sooo much fun! And oh my word, the best tasting blueberries I have ever had! I don’t even really like blueberries, but these, I could have eaten the whole bucket myself! I won’t say how many I actually ate, but I was pregnant. I think eating buckets of blueberries is actually recommended during pregnancy, no?



Also, This:



A weeks worth of groceries for $80! Aldi is pretty hard to beat if you’re on a budget. Which I am. 🙂

Hope your Wednesday is going great!

Wishing you a Life Full,




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