Summer Health Monday!!

Well week three, here we come! This week I am going to try to up water intake to 80 ounces a day this week and keep up the same exercise that I have been doing. I hope you will join me!

One other area that I feel is so important to your health is de-stressing. Yes, I know, that is not a word moms use very much but it is one that we need to use on a regular basis. My favorite way to de-stress is this:


Ahhh, just looking at that picture just makes me calmer. I like to add some epsom salt and lavender drops, grab a book and either a glass of wine or my water and forget the rest of the world is there for just a few minutes. I typically wait until the kids are in bed so the likelihood of tiny fingers under the door is reduced. My honey has realized how beneficial my bath time is to me so he is good to handle any noises from the kids rooms while I am in there.


If baths aren’t your thing, find something that calms you. I hope you are enjoying this challenge and that you are feeling better as a result of it. Enjoy your relaxation this week!

I would love to know what you do to relax.

Until next time, I wish you a Life Full,


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