Getting Away From The Crazy

Do you ever feel like your life resembles that of the tazmanian devil? You are constantly running at full speed to try to please everyone and get everything done in a crazy short amount of time? If you are anything like me, your world feels like a constant tornado, a giant whirlwind of crazy.


Last week, between Parent/Teacher conferences, school activities and our big guy’s birthday, we were home a total of one- yes, one- night. That is not nearly enough for this self-proclaimed homebody. Our kids typically have a bedtime of 8:00 but with everything going on that was out the window all week. The result: an overtired, cranky momma who snapped at her kids way too easily and exhausted, whiny kids who, by Friday, are just OVER IT!!

Since going back to work last year I have suffered ALOT from ‘Mommy Guilt’. My heart will always be in my home, but it is necessary right now for me to be in the workforce. But this last week was really hard.  More than once I had to explain to some big, puppy dog eyes why mommy had to go to work instead of being at home like before. My entire family loved having me as a homemaker and we have all missed the quality time it enabled us to have in the evenings. I found myself crying, praying and having lots of pity parties all week long for both me and my family.


Picture perfect story: I would be in the home full time which would have eliminated half of the nights we were away from home this week including the three times I had to rely on others to take care of my babies both before and after school so that I could be where I was needed. But sadly, right now that is not an option. 😦 Please don’t think me ungrateful, I am so thankful for the time that God enabled me to be a homemaker full time, and I am thankful that during this season of life I have been given the gift of an occupation that enables me to be close to my children. I have a great work family- most of whom are parents themselves and understand the emotions I am going through during my adjustment.

I must, however, find a way to keep my family on some resemblance of a schedule that puts them at home, resting, playing, releasing the stress of their day and preparing for the next day’s events. It can’t be exactly the way it was before, but I have to do something to enable my family to have some of the sanity we used to have back.

So for now, my solution is one of necessity. For now, if it is not a required event, our little clan will not be attending events Monday through Thursday. We will also limit ourselves to no more than two events on the weekend. For some of you, this may seem extreme. But for now, for our sanity, this has to be our new normal.

I am not completely naive. I realize that there will be some weeks that this is not possible. But hopefully, being more aware and making each commitment to be away from our home during the week with complete awareness will help us to have a life that somewhat resembles the slower pace we enjoyed when I was home full time.

Life can get really full and really crazy in a hurry. I encourage you all to get away from the crazy and slow your lives down if you can. We will only have these moments with our family this way for a short while. Embrace them and enjoy them!

What about you? Working and Stay-at-home mommas alike, do you have any tips on slowing life down? I would love to hear them!

Until next time, I wish you a life full,


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