Everday Blessings


It happened so fast. One day I was a young mother with two small babies. The next I was a thirty something woman with two KIDS!!

I have been told many times since my children were born to cherish each moment, and I have truly tried, but somewhere between the blow out diapers, dirty dishes, potty trainings, piles of laundry and school days, the time got away from me.

I looked up from cooking dinner one night to find two kids, no longer babies, who get themselves dressed for school, can fix their own milk cup and now can read me a bedtime story.

It is easy for me to get blue over such things but then I remember that, in everything there is something to be thankful for. So over the course of this week, I will give my lists of blessings I have discovered as the time continues to spin.

Until next time, I wish you a Life Full,


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