On Aging…

Sigh. I look in the mirror and what do I see,
But some strange woman looking back at me.
Her eyes have bags and circles, her tummy’s getting round,
and when she walks her fluffy thighs make a swishing sound.

But instead of getting discouraged that my youthful beauty has changed.
I smile as I remember all the good things that come with change.

You see, I have these two children that the Lord has blessed me with.
And looking at them I know that each lump and bump is really a little gift.

I’m thankful for my eye bags and what they represent.
The sleepless nights comforting my children is always time well spent.
My thighs will never be the same, they are larger than before.
But these thighs remind me of the precious babies that I bore.

Yes, though I’m softer and carry more fluff than say, 10 years ago.
but I’ll take it every single day in exchange for these kids I love so!

th3GINZP0D.jpg*photo from fitforexpecting.com

I won’t lie. I get discouraged almost daily by the way my body has changed since having kids. I have tried many different things to change it to no avail. My hormones are out of whack and crazy, and I have issues not normal for a thirty-something woman. I am still trying new things to get my system back in line, (& if I find something, I’ll let you know! ;))but when I get my most discouraged, it helps me to think- what if?

What if I had never had these babies? Sure, I could still have that figure and probably wouldn’t have these other issues I deal with. But if life without them is the alternative, I’ll deal with my issues every single day with a thankful heart.

Do yourself a favor, ladies. The next time you are feeling blue about the changes you have gone through. Look at yourself through your husband or your children’s eyes. They don’t see the extra lumps. They see the you who is loving, warm and caring. They see the REAL YOU, and they will remind you how very beautiful you are- just the way you are!



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