New Year, New You!

So 2015 is officially in the books and with it went my New Year’s Resolutions. Sad to say…. I failed miserably. But I’m not discouraged because there is no time like the present!

I heard on the radio today that 4-5 out of every 10 people make resolutions each year. A lot of people don’t see the point or have given up on resolutions because, well, let’s be honest, many resolutions go unrealized. I, however, love the excitement and hope that new resolutions bring with them!

So for your viewing pleasure, my 2016 resolutions!

  • Get Healthy! This was one of my last year’s resolutions and I just didn’t succeed. I am tired of talking about it though and something has to be done. I have had some health issues for the last few years that have required me to be on medication, and I just don’t want to do it for the rest of my life. So I have started a new eating plan that many have had success with. Fingers crossed!
  • Live more in the now. I have a tendency to get so caught up in what needs to be done that I can let the worry take away from the moment I should be living in and enjoying. I can’t get today back so I want to get everything out of it I can!
  • Be kinder than necessary. This is something I try to make a point of doing already, but there is always room for improvement. It costs nothing to smile at someone or lend a kind word or deed, but to the person on the receiving end, it can mean the world.
  • Complete the 52 week money challenge! I have never done it before but the idea of an extra thousand or so at the end of the year is VERY appealing- wish me luck!

So there you have it. My hopes and dreams for the new year! If you are doing resolutions this year, feel free to share them here. Good luck to you!

Until next time, may you live a Life Full.


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