Weekly Meal Plan

Recently I moved my grocery shopping day from Friday to Wednesday. Reason being that I am going to try and do a little playdate for Hannah on Friday mornings. 🙂 Here’s what we’re going to be eating this week!

Wednesday – Crock pot chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots

Thursday – Steak, salads, homemade bread

Friday – Chicken noodle soup

Saturday – Chicken burrito bowls

Sunday – Alton Brown’s Christmas Soup (Soooo amazing! Try this one for sure!)

Monday – Homemade Pizza

Tuesday – ??? (I usually only plan meals for 5 or 6 days because we will usually eat out once and then there is always a day where we kind of forage on leftovers. )

I’m going to be taking advantage of Wal Mart’s grocery pickup service tomorrow to make my haul! If you have not tried it, you MUST! Although I actually enjoy grocery shopping, it is so nice to have this option on weeks where the weather is nasty or the kidsare sick, or I just a have a million things going and need all the help I can get!

I’d love to know what you are feeding your family this week!


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